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Keep Warm & Save On Your Power Bill

Keep Warm & Save On Your Power Bill

Use the sun for free heat
Open your curtains during the day and close when the sun goes down at night to keep the heat in.

Wear warmer clothes inside instead of turning up the heat
Put on a cozy winter jersey, warm socks and snuggle into a blanket on the couch during the evening.

Use ceiling fans to your advantage
Homes that have better ventilation and airflow can be more energy efficient in the summer and winter months. Counter-clockwise will push hot air up in the summer and clockwise will trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during cooler months. Turn your ceiling fan on a low setting to gently push hot air back down.
Hillmac can help with fan installations. Give us a call.

Adjust the thermostat at night
Turn your thermostat down 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours on your heating system. If you feel the cold at night, purchase warm PJ’s, flannel sheets and a warm comforter for your bed.

Only heat the rooms you use.
There is no need to heat the guest bedroom.

Invest in insulation
Make sure you have insulation in your ceiling, walls and underfloor. It will stop the warm air getting out.

Restrict Extractor Fan Use
Only use extractor fans in your kitchen and bathroom when necessary. They will pull the hot air from the ceiling of your home.

Look at your heating solutions
One option to heat your home is air conditioning systems that offer low running costs (when properly used) and instant heat. However the room needs to be sized correctly and you need to make sure you have an energy efficient brand.

Hillmac are proud to be offering sales and installation of the Panasonic air conditioning range. The new Panasonic ‘Aero Series’ air conditioner is a great option and might be the right heating solution for you this winter.

Call the team at Hillmac and we'll offer you advice on the right solution for you. Please contact us on (06) 877 9156

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