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Keep Warm At Home

Keep Warm At Home

Our top tips to keep warm in your home

  • Look at how you can insulate your home from roof, walls to under the floor
  • Recessed light fittings will help (Hillmac can help here)
  • Upgrading to double glazing will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Keep your curtains closed in the evening
  • Heavy or thick backing on your curtains will stop the heat going out the window
  • Old fashioned draught snakes or a towel work to block the bottom of doors
  • Choose the right type of heating source for your needs – large rooms need constant heat while small rooms need occasional heat
  • If you have a heat pump, make sure you have the settings right and the thermostat setting around 20 degrees for winter
  • Open your curtains and let the sunshine in during the day
  • Close off rooms if you are not using them
  • Maintain your heaters by having an electrician inspect them at least every two years

If you are interested discussing your heating options, give the team at Hillmac a call on (06) 877 9156 

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