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Keeping Your Home Cool

Keeping Your Home Cool

Keeping cool at home while the weather heats up can be an ongoing battle! But with these helpful tips you'll keep cool and have a better nights sleep.

Increase ventilation

Open doors and windows to create cross ventilation

Create shade

Shade windows from direct sun by closing blinds or curtains that have direct sun and think about deciduous planting trees on the north and west side of your house

Use cotton sheets

Go for cotton sheets every time. Nothing provides that cool, light, and fresh feel like 100 per cent cotton sheets. After you've slept in them there will be no going back to the perils of polyester and poly-cotton mixes.

Better buildings

When building make sure you have eaves (or roof overhangs) above north-facing windows and double glaze your home (you can retrofit your existing home) to keep out the heat of sun in summer and cold in winter

Cook on the BBQ

Having your evening meal cooked outside on the BBQ can help reduce the heat created in your home. It is far too hot to stand over a cooktop or by the oven so get cooking outside

Insulate you home

Having your house correctly insulated will help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter

Fans are great!

A cheap and easy option to keep cool is using fans. You can by portable options or you may like to consider installing ceiling fans which are effective in both summer and winter. Hillmac are able to help you with ceiling fan options, installation and advice

Install air conditioning

It is definitely worth considering installing an air conditioning system that with cool you in summer and warm your home in winter. The whole home ducting systems are growing in popularity to give different temperature options for rooms in the home. Making the kids bedrooms cool before they head to bed sounds like a good idea to me.

If used correctly, air conditioning can be effective and affordable. There is something beautiful about being in a home that is cool and at the right temperature. Hillmac can help here too with product, installation and advice

If you are keen to find out more information on installing ceiling fans and air conditioning, please contact us!

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