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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Infrared  thermography  is  the  collection  and  analysis  of  radiated  electromagnetic  energy  in  the  infrared  portion of  the  electromagnetic  spectrum  using  a  thermal  infrared  imaging  device.  Different  levels  of  this  radiated energy  from  the  scene  viewed,  are  displayed  as  different  colors  on  a  video  monitor.  The  infrared  instruments measure  the  energy  radiated  from  the  1/1000  inch  of  the  surface  of  an  object.  They  do  not  measure temperature.  Temperature  is  calculated  using  the  onboard  computer  inside  the  thermal  infrared  camera. This  Infrared  Thermal  Imaging  survey  identifies  electrical  hot  spots  that,  if  left  could  result  in major  plant shutdowns  or  even  electrical  fires.    This  report  highlights  hot  spots  found  within  the  plant’s  electrical distribution  system  during  the  time  of  assessment.

At Hillmac, we use this technology to generate site specific survey report.  Currently we use a FLIR E85 camera.  Items highlighted in this report are accompanied with colour infrared thermal images and digital images, temperature hot spot markings and corrective recommendations.  These comments are made by Hillmac Electrical Limited qualified team members and are peer reviewed.

The Team at Hillmac see the great value of preventative maintenance for your assets.  

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