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Controlled Atmosphere (CA)

Hillmac Electrical Controlled Atmosphere (CA)

The key to international marketing success of any primary producer is the ability to deliver the finest produce of the best quality to meet the demands of their most demanding customers. With the fruit industries’ bottom line dependent on being able to sell at the best possible moment in time, quality CA storage provides measurable benefits and Hillmac Electrical supply and install some of the best available in the world today.

Hillmac works alongside three highly regarded Dutch companies who have developed a world-leading system: Besselling for the controlled atmosphere equipment, Salco for the gas-tight doors, and Ribbstyle, for the flexible gas-tight coating for the inside joins of the cool room.

Controlled Atmosphere solutions involves complex technology but the commitment of these three industry leaders ensures that we have their full support during installation and on-going maintenance, anywhere in New Zealand. That commitment reinforces the confidence we have built up in working with them to install and maintain more than 40 units over the last four years.

If you are interested in learning more about controlled atmosphere solutions, please contact us and we will organise for one of our specialists to talk to you.