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Our Vision and Values

The Hillmac Vision

The modern, diverse, technology solutions provider of choice.  Delivering excellence across multiple industry sectors.

The Hillmac Values

Work Ethic

  • We do aspire to excel in everything we do
  • We put safety and well being first for our team and those around us
  • We do not shy away from a challenge


  • We do have a positive can do attitude
  • We are enthusiastic, driven and focused
  • We are 'Mexi-cans'
  • We are not negative
  • We do not think we are above one another


  • We do communicate respectfully among our peers, clients and suppliers.
  • We use clear and direct language, utilising voice and body language
  • We ask questions to confirm mutual understanding
  • We do not disregard other people's point of view and opinion
  • We do not let negative emotions control our conversation


  • We do hear each other out and come to a common understanding
  • We then accept the outcome and encourage  a new way forward
  • We do not hold a grudge or have a negative attitude
  • We do not hold it in


  • We do listen
  • We do acknowledge and take action
  • We show common courtesy to each other, our clients and our suppliers
  • We look after our gear as if it was our own
  • We are not rude
  • We do not mistreat people and property


  • We do live to our moral compass and values, also reflecting our company values
  • We do what we say we will do
  • We do not compromise our core values


  • We do tell the truth and keep it real
  • We know our limits and ask for help
  • We communicate openly
  • We do not lie, or blame
  • We do not gossip


  • We do have each other's back
  • We do offer and accept support and guidance
  • We do encourage work/life balance
  • We do not exclude anyone


  • We have fun by encouraging appropriate humour in the workplace because smiles are contagious
  • We have fun by celebrating success
  • We do not have fun at other people's expense
  • We do not blame, belittle, or discourage each other