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Our Values

Hillmac believes that nothing is worth getting hurt for

  • We expect and support health & safety-first decisions and behaviours
  • Our own environments, policies and behaviours reflect our health & safety-first mindset,
  • We always challenge and/or report unsafe practice wherever we encounter it.

Hillmac is a Client Focused Business

  • We actively seek feedback from clients
  • We listen and respond to our clients’ needs
  • We sort problems quickly and to the clients satisfaction

Hillmac cares about our people, our clients and our work

  • We embrace a family spirit where we work hard to support each other in an open and honest environment.
  • We leave jobs with the clients safe and happy
  • We clean up after our work is done
  • We always ask the clients if we can help further and give them a business card in case of any problems

Hillmac is Professional

  • We look smart and work smart
  • Our people have a friendly, positive attitude
  • We are a 'can do' workforce
  • We strive to further our knowledge within the electrical field
  • Our people and our vehicles are immaculate
  • Our work is clean, tidy and efficient
  • We do what we say we will do
  • By hiring the right people with the right skills and attitude, we earn ourselves the reputation of being the ‘go to’ company

Hillmac is Empowered

  • Our service is to such a high standard that our clients want to tell everyone
  • We have a strong desire to be the best
  • We are dedicated to finding solutions, asking the right questions.
  • We are proactive and front foot the issues
  • We effectively and quickly solve challenges our clients and team face

Hillmac is Excellence Focused

  • We are constantly striving to improve our services
  • Excellence is about doing the little things right
  • Excellence is about skill, attitude, application and interaction

Hillmac is a Real Team

  • Our team ethos and culture is abundantly obvious to everyone we deal with. It is a key point of difference for us
  • We understand the importance of all stakeholders:  our clients, our suppliers, our community, our families and ourselves 
  • We all have an impact on the team through the attitudes and behaviours we bring to work

Hillmac delivers Services and Outcomes that work for our clients

  • We work with clients to help them achieve their goals
  • Our interactions are honest, quotes are accurate and timely,
  • We let clients know if things change
  • We expect excellence in performance, behaviour and appearance from all our people.
  • We don’t shy away from challenges, we relish them.

Hillmac knows our people are our greatest asset and creates environments and practises that work for them

  • We meet, listen, talk, praise and acknowledge
  • We expect commitment and quality and reward these regardless of tenure and position
  • We create and allow opportunities for personal and professional growth

Hillmac is always Learning

  • We genuinely seek and act on clients feedback
  • Everyone seeks ideas, knowledge and pathways to best practise
  • We share and demonstrate our learning and ideas
  • We are adventurous in our thinking and expect innovation in our work

Hillmac is connected to our community

  • People know we exist – e.g. talks, school visits, sponsorship, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce
  • We talk and listen to people who live where we work
  • We deliberately make an impact with our behaviour and appearance

Hillmac is always clean, tidy and happy

  • Our appearance is tidy and professional
  • We always greet our clients with a positive attitude
  • Our behaviour in the community reflects our values and expectations

Hillmac is always Ethical

  • Ethics are important to us
  • We do what we say, when we say and for how much we say
  • If we fail we take ownership and find a solution
  • Integrity is the foundation of our business.